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Jane Rizzoli being super straight

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Well I’m glad they have their sides of the bed decided.

Nothing married about that at all.

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If you were to never have watched this show and just seen these GIFs you probably would have been like “Aw look at how she looks at her girlfriend and touches her d’aw that’s so sweet

But you know if you do watch this show you were probably like “Jane wtf are you looking at Maura that way she’s tripping balls about meeting her biological mom who doesn’t even know her daughter is still alive oh wait nevermind you’re in love with her it’s ok it makes sense ok sh just kiss

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From Wired Magazine:

“Therein lies the problem. The characters in the popular and acclaimed book series by Gerritson are not lesbians. (Neither are they as attractive as on television and the tone is grittier and more intense.) But because the chemistry between Harmon and Sasha Alexander as Isles is so good, the show is playing up their attraction beyond a “buddy” level, going all the way up to the line of them being romantically involved and then dancing back. It’s meant to be amusing and play on the fan speculation but…

It seems dishonest.

In a world where LGBT individuals are fighting for the right to marry, where LGBT teens are bullied to the point of suicide, it seems somehow wrong for a show to play “yes they are, no they’re not” and wink at the audience to appeal to a lesbian audience but not really go anywhere beyond that.”


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